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About us

PR ALUMINUM INC. specializes in providing all aluminum based home building / repair / upgrade solutions. Whether it is a residential or commercial project our team delivers high quality work on cost and on time. Perfect combination of high quality materials and best skilled installers, toped with traditional values to be the local company – is all that you need! We put you at the heart of everything we do – whether that is a aluminum soffit and fascia installation, leaf-free extra durable eavestrough (gutters) or fascia siding project.


Soffits / Fascia

If you’re looking to replace your soffits and fascia or install new ones, PR ALUMINUM is the right choice. Call us now for a Free Estimate. Low maintenance is one of the best things about choosing aluminum soffits. You will never have to repaint.. It is important they be installed properly by an experienced contractor. If nailed too tightly to supporting boards, they can bow or ripple as they expand and contract with temperature changes. You can choose from a range of colours – letting you find the one that best suits your home.


At PR ALUMINUM we make custom shutters. In addition to being stylish, shutters are built for privacy control, light control and to maximize windows views. They can be installed to cover the entire window or configured to only cover a portion of the window. Call us now for a Free Estimate.

Eavestrough / Gutter

Gutters come in widths of 4”, 5” or 6”. At PR ALUMINUM we install gutters in a single stretch of aluminum to give the best performance and aesthetics. Call us now for a Free Estimate.


Replace or add a new downspout to protect your basement. Call us now for a Free Estimate.

Gutter Guard

Fed up of cleaning Gutters? Get a Gutter Guard installed. Call us now for a Free Estimate.

Flat Roofing

We exceed expectations in flat roofing construction, fix and up keep, offering an extraordinary services that harmonizes quality, effectiveness and affordability. Our flat roofing services accommodate for household properties on large scale ventures.

Not with standing what material is utilized on your level rooftop, we can offer the greatest workmanship to guarantee the outcome is actually how it should be. Regardless of whether you have a level rooftop project that requires repair or rooftop fixes and repair you can believe our certified group to assist you with doing it. Whatever the material is utilized on your rooftop, Rubber, GRP Liquid and Felt Membranes.

You can connect with our certified and well disposed group today, and we’ll be more than prepared to offer you the assistance you need.


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